Exam Board: AQA

Although you may currently have little knowledge of the Spanish language, you will be able to use your transferrable language skills that you have acquired whilst studying another language at KS3. Spanish is the third most spoken language in the world. During the course you will study a range of interesting topics including Current Trends, such as Social Media and Mobile Technology, Local, National, and International Global Issues, such as the Environment and Poverty, and Culture and Identity, such as Hispanic Festivals, Food and Music.

Studying Spanish at GCSE will give you the opportunity to:


Paper 1: Listening (Exam 25%)

Understanding and responding to different types of spoken language. Answers in English and in Spanish as well as non-verbal.

Paper 2: Speaking (Exam 25%)

A speaking examination involving a role-play, responding to a photograph and a general conversation on the themes covered during the course.

Paper 3: Reading (Exam 25%)

Understanding and responding to different types of written language. Answers in English and in Spanish. There is also a translation into English.

Paper 4: Writing (Exam 25%)

A written examination containing essays on the themes covered as well as translation into Spanish.

Where can it lead?

Learning a language is a skill for life and opens new opportunities to work, study, or travel abroad. Many students go on to study the subject at A-level and university. Once students have begun to master one language, they are eager to develop their ability in others. Your transferrable skills will most certainly be valued by employers across all sectors including marketing, journalism, business sales and publishing.