Exam Board: OCR

The Cambridge Nationals in Sport Studies take a more sector-based focus, whilst also encompassing some core sport/Physical Education themes. Students will have the opportunity to apply theoretical knowledge about different types of sport and physical activity, skills development and sports leadership to their own practical performance. They will learn about contemporary issues in sport such as funding, participation, ethics and role models, and sport and the media. Students will develop an appreciation of the importance of sport locally and nationally, different ways of being involved in sport and of how this shapes the sports industry.


Students will develop a portfolio of evidence, which will allow them to complete the course with a Pass (4), Merit (5) or Distinction (7). Their portfolio will include coursework, which will be completed throughout the two years.

The course is designed to be as practical as possible and can therefore be assessed through a wide variety of assessment methods, such as giving students the opportunity to lead activities in different sports, deliver presentations and act as coaches trying to improve performance. There are 4 units, which make up the course. 3 of these units are practical and coursework based, and 1 of these units is an examination.

Each of the four units are worth 25%:

Contemporary in Sport issues unit – Exam paper (1 hour)

Sports Leadership unit – Assignment and practically based – students devise their own leadership session and then deliver it .

Working in the Sports Industry unit – Assignment based

Developing Sports Skills unit – Students write an assignment about a sport they compete in and look to develop their skills for that sport. They are assessed in 1 team sport, 1 individual sport and officiating.

Where can it lead?

The achievement of the Cambridge National in Sports Studies has the equivalence of 1 GCSE graded 4 or above. This course can lead onto further sports courses at college/sixth form.

In addition the successful completion of a Cambridge National in Sports Studies might lead to employment as, for example, a Leisure Centre Assistant, a Sports Coach and other sport-based employment.