Art and Design

Exam Board: OCR

Art, Craft and Design: Combined Titles is defined as a broad-based course promoting learning through various processes, tools, techniques, materials and resources to generate different kinds of evidence of working and artefact(s)/ product(s)/personal outcome(s).

Scholars must explore, acquire and develop skills, knowledge and understanding through the application of traditional and or digital techniques and processes specific to two or more chosen specification titles.  The titles which students can explore during the GCSE course are, Fine Art, Graphic Communication, Photography, Textile Design, Three-Dimensional Design and Critical and Contextual Studies.

Scholars must explore practical and relevant critical and contextual sources such as the work of historical and contemporary artists and designers and the different purposes, intentions and functions of art, craft and design as appropriate to their own work.

Scholars must demonstrate the knowledge, skills and understanding through their chosen areas and work with a broad range of materials and processes. This course, although does require some level of drawing, requires you to show a broad range of skills and development as your work progresses.


The GCSE Art, Craft and Design course is assessed in 2 components.

Component one: Portfolio – weighting 60%

Scholars must produce work in response to a centre set starting point, brief, scenario or stimulus to create and develop a portfolio of work which will also include an outcome.

Component two: Externally set task – weighting 40%

Learners will receive an exam paper at the start of January of year 11. Learners will create a response to one of the 5 titles given in the exam paper. Scholars will then create an outcome in an extended supervised session/s. (10 hours)


You must have an interest in art and design and be open to the opportunities and experiences which will be given to you. You must be open minded and able to try materials which will take you out of your comfort zone. Due to the course being 100% NEA (no exam) you will need work hard and ensure you are able to stick to deadlines.

Where can it lead?

A GCSE Art, Craft and Design qualification can lead directly to several higher level courses as well as create routes to many creative careers such as Art directors, Fashion designers, Graphic designers, Special Effects make-up artists, Interior designers, Jewellers and Precious Stone and Metal workers, Craft and Fine artists, Floral designers, Set and exhibition designers, Teacher, Art Therapist, Photographer, Animator, Illustrator, Ceramics designer, Game artist, Medical Illustrator, Museum/Gallery exhibitions officer, Product designer, Theatre director, Theatre manager, Web designer and many more.  Having a qualification in an Art and Design course can also give you the edge in a competitive job market and make you stand out from the crowd.

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