Design and Technology

Exam Board: AQA

GCSE Design and Technology will prepare you to participate confidently and successfully in an increasingly technological world. You will get the opportunity to work creatively when designing and making and apply practical expertise using a broad range of design processes, materials techniques, and equipment. You will learn about the historical, social, cultural, environmental, and economic factors of D&T.


Paper 1

Section A – Core technical principles (20 marks)

A mixture of multiple choice and short answer questions assessing a breadth of technical knowledge and understanding.

Section B – Specialist technical principles (30 marks)

Several short answer questions (2–5 marks) and one extended response to assess a more in-depth knowledge of technical principles.

Section C – Designing and making principles (50 marks)

A mixture of short answer and extended response questions.

Paper 2


Substantial design and make task

Assessment criteria:

Students will produce a prototype and a portfolio of evidence


To succeed in D&T you need to enjoy the work you have done in your KS3 projects. You will need to manufacture your product but you also need to be organised so that your design folder tells a clear story of how you make your final design.

Where can it lead?

The skills and knowledge gained in Design & Technology can be used to progress further into the exiting world of design and manufacturing. Careers that use the skills you will learn may include some of the following:

You might have a totally different career in mind but your D&T skills can also be used in other ways, allowing you to succeed in hobbies that require practical skills and in the future giving you the ability to use these skills to maintain and improve your own home.

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