Exam Board: AQA

Psychology is the scientific study of the mind and human behaviour. Psychologists observe and conduct experiments to find out more about the way people act and interact. They try to understand what motivates, challenges or changes us and use this understanding to help us tackle personal and social problems.

This engaging and effective qualification introduces students to the fundamentals of psychology, developing critical analysis, independent thinking and research skills.

Knowledge of research methods gained through classroom experience of practical psychology will be assessed using scenario-based questions.


Paper 1: Cognition and behaviour

What's assessed:

How it's assessed:

Paper 2: Social context and behaviour

What's assessed:

How it's assessed:

Where can it lead?

Psychology is useful for any job that requires lots of interaction or an understanding of human behaviour and development.

People with skills in psychology are sought after in business, management, teaching, research, social work and careers in medicine and healthcare.