Art Curriculum Intent

Our vision for Art is to create a climate of continuous self-review, where scholars feel empowered and enriched in order to develop themselves as independent, creative, risk taking artists.

Art is a representation of thought. Scholars will develop an appreciation for a wide range of artists and styles from a variety of cultures, movements and backgrounds.

We encourage self-expression and creativity to ensure scholars build confidence as well as a sense of individual identity. Our vision is to ensure all learners develop critical thinking skills and the ability to interpret the world around us. We aim to develop each scholar’s cultural capital by exposing them to a variety of artists, designers and influential figures to deepen their appreciation and understanding of art outcomes and processes.

We want all scholars to understand the complexities and diversity of society and encourage an awareness, empathy and appreciation of the views of others. Scholars will enhance their opinions, skills and fundamental knowledge in key stage three which they will further develop in key stage four and five if they wish.

Each scholar will leave their compulsory art curriculum with skills, knowledge and critical thinking skills which will progress them in their further studies.


At the start of year 7, scholars will learn fundamental skills which they will then build on in years 8 and 9. Scholars will go through each AC cycle responding to a stimulus and exploring the visual elements.

As Scholars progress through each AC they will begin a journey where they will start with one idea and then develop that idea to create a established outcome. Scholars will create, develop, take risks, make mistakes, make marks and learn through guided and self-discovery. Scholars will experience a breath of materials, which they will explore and evaluate, becoming proficient in drawing and painting as well as 3D skills and non-traditional media. Scholars will learn in depth art vocabulary which they will use to annotate and self-reflect developing their social and spiritual awareness.

The crucial knowledge our Scholars will acquire will enable them to become independent and critical thinkers, who are spiritually and morally developed. Scholars will have an in-depth knowledge of art vocabulary and use sophisticated language when discussing art and also when evaluating. Significantly, art lessons actively promote original thinking and collaboration - independent and interdependent learning; making, problem-solving and more. These are qualities desired in all scholars, regardless if continuing with an art-based option or not in 6th form and beyond.

Art will enhance the cultural capital of Scholars by giving scholars the chance to engage with art works from different cultures and traditions. Scholars will develop opinions and critical thinking skills in order to compare and contrast a range of artists. Scholars will develop spiritual development, moral development and social development when looking at current issues within the art world. Art is communication which influences society by changing opinions, instilling values and translating experiences across space and time. Art allows people from different cultures and different times to communicate via sounds, images and stories, developing the concept throughout.

AC Overview

AC Overview

Medium Term Planning





Knowledge Organisers

Year 7 AC1 KO

Year 7 AC2 KO

Year 7 AC3 KO

Year 7 AC4 KO

Key Outcomes

Year 7 AC1 Key Outcomes

Year 7 AC2 Key Outcomes

Year 7 AC3 Key Outcomes

Year 7 AC4 Key Outcomes

Scholar Outcomes

Year 7 AC1 Scholar Outcomes

Year 7 AC2 Scholar Outcomes

Year 7 AC3 Scholar Outcomes

Year 7 AC4 Scholar Outcomes

Knowledge Organisers

Year 8 AC1 KO

Year 8 AC2 KO

Year 8 AC3 KO

Year 8 AC4 KO

Key Outcomes

Year 8 AC1 Key Outcomes

Year 8 AC2 Key Outcomes

Year 8 AC3 Key Outcomes

Year 8 AC4 Key Outcomes

Scholar Outcomes

Year 8 AC1 Scholar Outcomes

Year 8 AC2 Scholar Outcomes

Year 8 AC3 Scholar Outcomes

Year 8 AC4 Scholar Outcomes

Knowledge Organisers

Year 9 AC1 KO

Year 9 AC2 KO

Year 9 AC3 KO

Year 9 AC4 KO

Key Outcomes

Year 9 AC1 Key Outcomes

Year 9 AC2 Key Outcomes

Year 9 AC3 Key Outcomes

Year 9 AC4 Key Outcomes

Scholar Outcomes

Year 9 AC1 Scholar Outcomes

Year 9 AC2 Scholar Outcomes

Year 9 AC3 Scholar Outcomes

Year 9 AC4 Scholar Outcomes

Knowledge Organisers

Year 10 AC1 KO

Year 10 AC2 KO

Year 10 AC3 KO

Year 10 AC4 KO

Key Outcomes

Year 10 AC1 Key Outcomes

Year 10 AC2 Key Outcomes

Year 10 AC3 Key Outcomes

Year 10 AC4 Key Outcomes

Scholar Outcomes

Year 10 AC1 Scholar Outcomes

Year 10 AC2 Scholar Outcomes

Year 10 AC3 Scholar Outcomes

Year 10 AC4 Scholar Outcomes

Knowledge Organisers

Year 11 AC1 KO

Year 11 AC2 KO

Key Outcomes

Year 11 AC1 Key Outcomes

Year 11 AC2 Key Outcomes

Scholar Outcomes

Year 11 AC1 Scholar Outcomes

Year 11 AC2 Scholar Outcomes

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