Drama Curriculum Intent

Our vision for drama is that scholars develop confidence to explore a variety of topics, styles, issues and characters working in unison with their peers. Scholars will develop resilience, team working and problem-solving skills and will be confident and comfortable when taking risks and making mistakes which they will then learn from. Scholars will be reflective learners and will embed literacy and speaking skills in their drama practice. They will listen, read, write and participate, learning to express themselves creatively and imaginatively. Scholars will be given the space and time to bring scripts to life.

Each scholar will leave their compulsory drama study with the skills and knowledge to pursue further learning or a career in this subject. These include but are not limited to the ability to work with others as part of a team, the ability to lead a team, presentation skills, the ability to express oneself fluently and effectively and a deep interest in analysing and forming opinions on cultural and social topics. However, if they choose not to continue, the confidence, inter-personal skills and knowledge they have acquired will be essential in any path they decide to take.


As Scholars progress through each AC, they will develop a range of theatrical skills. They will then apply these to create performances, review and appreciate existing work and communicate opinions and ideas effectively.

In all years and achievement cycles, scholars will learn and practice the skills necessary to effectively work in a group of their peers. These will include communication, respect, and confidence in their own ideas. This will ensure that scholars have developed essential inter-personal skills, confidence, and the ability to express themselves in an effective way. These skills will be of great benefit to them throughout their school journey and beyond.

Throughout the scholar’s study of drama, they will be exposed to a wide and ambitious range of texts, practitioners and writers. These will be from all backgrounds and era’s allowing us to raise the level of cultural capital of each and every scholar. We want our scholars to be engaged members of society, both socially and culturally. Therefore, we will be building elements of current events as well as past moments and texts of historical importance.

The crucial knowledge our Scholars will acquire will enable them to become the best they can be, by building confidence, self-esteem and ambition. Scholars will develop and understanding and empathy towards other people’s feelings and situations which will enable them to form positive relationships which will provide an understanding of the world we live in. Scholars will develop emotional intelligence and will become positive contributors, empowering them to be confident speakers, have strong listening skills and develop a sense of responsibility.

AC Overview

AC Overview

Medium Term Planning





Knowledge Organisers

Year 7 AC1 KO

Year 7 AC2 KO

Year 7 AC3 KO

Year 7 AC4 KO

Key Outcomes

Year 7 AC1 Key Outcomes

Year 7 AC2 Key Outcomes

Year 7 AC3 Key Outcomes

Year 7 AC4 Key Outcomes

Scholar Outcomes

Year 7 AC1 Scholar Outcomes

Year 7 AC2 Scholar Outcomes

Year 7 AC3 Scholar Outcomes

Year 7 AC4 Scholar Outcomes

Knowledge Organisers

Year 8 AC1 KO

Year 8 AC2 KO

Year 8 AC3 KO

Year 8 AC4 KO

Key Outcomes

Year 8 AC1 Key Outcomes

Year 8 AC2 Key Outcomes

Year 8 AC3 Key Outcomes

Year 8 AC4 Key Outcomes

Scholar Outcomes

Year 8 AC1 Scholar Outcomes

Year 8 AC2 Scholar Outcomes

Year 8 AC3 Scholar Outcomes

Year 8 AC4 Scholar Outcomes

Knowledge Organisers

Year 9 AC1 KO

Year 9 AC2 KO

Year 9 AC3 KO

Year 9 AC4 KO

Key Outcomes

Year 9 AC1 Key Outcomes

Year 9 AC2 Key Outcomes

Year 9 AC3 Key Outcomes

Year 9 AC4 Key Outcomes

Scholar Outcomes

Year 9 AC1 Scholar Outcomes

Year 9 AC2 Scholar Outcomes

Year 9 AC3 Scholar Outcomes

Year 9 AC4 Scholar Outcomes

Knowledge Organisers

Year 10 AC1 KO

Year 10 AC2 KO

Year 10 AC3 KO

Year 10 AC4 KO

Key Outcomes

Year 10 AC1 Key Outcomes

Year 10 AC2 Key Outcomes

Year 10 AC3 Key Outcomes

Year 10 AC4 Key Outcomes

Scholar Outcomes

Year 10 AC1 Scholar Outcomes

Year 10 AC2 Scholar Outcomes

Year 10 AC3 Scholar Outcomes

Year 10 AC4 Scholar Outcomes

Knowledge Organisers

Year 11 AC1 KO

Year 11 AC2 KO

Key Outcomes

Year 11 AC1 Key Outcomes

Year 11 AC2 Key Outcomes

Scholar Outcomes

Year 11 AC1 Scholar Outcomes

Year 11 AC2 Scholar Outcomes

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