Welcome to Humanities

Welcome to Humanities at Kirk Hallam Community Academy

Humanities is about people: how people create the world they live in and how the world they live in makes them the people that they are. The Humanities Faculty incorporates the three subjects of History, Geography and Religious Studies at Key Stages 3 , 4 and 5. We focus on the students' whole learning experience, encouraging them to learn about issues and to examine their own values and attitudes as individuals in a post-industrial, global and interdependent society. We encourage our students to play an active, well-informed role in the community and prepare them for further and higher education and the world of work.

The three main subjects are taught as separate subjects by enthusiastic subject specialists. Having a Humanities Faculty allows us to share good practice across the subjects and draw on, and emphasise the cross curricular links that already exist. All three subjects are popular with Kirk Hallam Community Academy students and we have a wealth of extra-curricular activities and trips which take place throughout the year.


We are determined to make every student who walks into our classrooms love History. We aim to show every student the value, importance and relevance of past events and why a knowledge of the past is important to our future.

Our teachers are all passionate and skilled Historians with our own areas of expertise these have developed from our own wide range of study throughout our academic careers.

From year 7-13 our pupils will study a variety of different topics which reflect the depth of knowledge and expertise of the department. Topics pupils will cover during their time at Kirk Hallam range from the Norman conquest of England in year 7, the First and Second World Wars in year 8. At GCSE pupils are offered the AQA History course where they will study Health and the people, Norman England, Germany & the Cold War. At A-Level pupils will receive specialist teaching on topics such as the British Empire 1857-1965, Russia 1894-1941 & the later Tudor period.

Our philosophy on History is that it should:

  • History should be exciting and interesting. We aim for our lessons to engage our pupils and to make them want to find out more about the topic.
  • History should be relevant. It should teach students something about the world they live in and help them make sense of modern life as well as teaching them about past lives.
  • History should teach skills. Students should leave us with not only a knowledge of the past but critical thinking skills, debating skills, the ability to weigh up arguments alongside the ability to spot bias and propaganda .

Here at Kirk Hallam, History is a popular choice at GCSE and A-Level reflecting how much our pupils enjoy our subject.

Staffing- Mr J Fairclough (Head of History)

Mrs F Berry (Head of Faculty)

Miss R Thornhill (Head of Year 9)

Mr B Hughes (Careers & Classroom teacher)

Y13 A Level History Countdown

Year 11 GCSE History countdown:

September-October half term: Development on the Great Plains

Mock exam: October 12th 2018- Medicine

October – November: Destruction of the Plains Indians, conflict and conquest.

Mock exam: W/C November 12th 2018- American West and Henry VIII

January 2019: Weimar Germany

February 2019: Hitler’s early years

Mock exam: W/C 4th February 2018 – TBC

March 2019: Nazi Control

April 2019: Nazi society

May: Exam Skills



Y13 A level Geography COUNTDOWN


Image result for religions collage

Staff: Miss J Cocker (Head of Religious Studies)

Miss K Briggs (Head of Year 7)

Mr R Milner (School Leader)

"There are more things in Heaven and Earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy". Hamlet.

Our aim is to develop a curriculum across all year groups that encourages curiosity, enthusiasm and critical thinking skills, that allows students to explore a diversity of religious and philosophical thought. We allow students to debate ultimate questions, Is God real? Why does suffering exist? What is the purpose of life? Students will develop their own opinions to key issues within the world and evaluate different perspectives.

In a rapidly changing multi- ethnic society Religious Studies has never been more relevant than in today's world. Understanding the diversity of religious beliefs, and how those beliefs effect the meaning of peoples lives, allows us to understand the impact on individuals, culture and behavior.

The Religious Studies department is determined to deliver specialist teaching, which we all have developed over the course of our academic careers. We pride ourselves on developing a classroom space where pupils feel confident voicing their opinions to controversial topics and develop a passion for understanding the world in which we all must share.

Religious Studies to available throughout Y7-Y11.

Philosophy and Ethics is available at A- Level from Y12-Y13.

Our course of study will include:

Y7- World Religions, Christianity, Buddhism, Abraham and Moses ,Sikhism and Hinduism.

Y8- Islam, Inspirational People, Introduction to Philosophy, Crime and Punishment and Judaism.

Y9- Y11- AQA GCSE Religious Studies covering-

Paper 1-

Christian Beliefs and Practices

Islamic Beliefs and Practices

Paper 2 (Students choose four topics from the six)-

Theme A-Relationships

Theme B- Religion and Life

Theme C- Existence of God

Theme D- Religion Peace and Conflict

Theme E- Crime and Punishment

Theme F- Religion, Human Rights and Social Justice.

Y13 A level Philosophy and Ethics COUNTDOWN


Key Dates

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Monday 12th November 2018
Year 11 History mock exam.
Paper 2 - 1hour 45mins. This will be on the American West and Henry VIII and his ministers units of the course.

October 2018


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