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The language facility is based in a suite of 3 well-resourced classrooms. Each classroom has a digital projector and the use of ICT plays an integral role in our teaching of languages. When possible, pupils use the Internet in our ICT rooms to access authentic resources and deepen their intercultural understanding of the country where the language is spoken.

The students are taught in ability groups in KS3 and in mixed ability option groups in KS4 and 5.


At Kirk Hallam Community Academy, we offer two languages at KS3 (French and German) with alternate year 7s taking either French or German and currently run both these languages as option groups at GCSE. The Sixth Form also has groups in both French and German, and promoting further study is encouraged academically and for enjoyment.

We have a challenging and purposeful Key Stage 3 Scheme which has a direct pathway for accessing the GCSE course. We accompany our scheme with Allez and Zoom textbooks and interactive resources from Oxford University Press.

Lessons are delivered using a wide variety of teaching methods, with student-centred learning at the heart of planning. The target language is also regularly used to give instructions and to communicate in the classroom.

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