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How to Revise: Student and parent friendly information on how to plan revision and some ideas for effective revision strategies. Use these to help prepare for mock exams and final exams

Supporting your child through Y11: Some information and ideas for parents to explain the support being offered in school and key messages from English and maths

Countdown Plans: In the table below you can find countdown plans for all GCSE subjects. They outline what is being taught and key assessment dates throughout the year.

Animal Care /data/uploads/web/files/Animal_Care_Y11_Countdown.pdf
Art /data/uploads/web/files/Art_Y11_Countdown.pdf
Child Development /data/uploads/web/files/Child_Development_Y11_Countdown.pdf
Computer Science /data/uploads/web/files/Computer_Science_Y11_Countdown.pdf
D&T (all subjects)‚Äč /data/uploads/web/files/D%26T_Y11_Countdown.pdf
Drama /data/uploads/web/files/Drama_Y11_Countdown.pdf
English /data/uploads/web/files/English_Y11_Countdown.pdf
Food /data/uploads/web/files/Food_Y11_Countdown.pdf
French /data/uploads/web/files/French_Y11_Countdown.pdf
Geography /data/uploads/web/files/Geography_Y11_Countdown.pdf
German /data/uploads/web/files/German_Y11_Countdown.pdf
History /data/uploads/web/files/History_Y11_Countdown.pdf
Maths /data/uploads/web/files/Maths_Y11_Countdown.pdf
Music /data/uploads/web/files/Music__Y11_Countdown.pdf
PE /data/uploads/web/files/PE_Y11_Countdown.pdf
Science /data/uploads/web/files/Science_Y11_Countdown.pdf

Y11 Study Support Timetable: A Summary of the extra support available to Y11

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