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Dear Parent/Carer

As you are now aware we are introducing a new uniform for September 2018. We have had many positive comments on how smart the uniform looks and how the students are looking forward to wearing it.

The purpose of the uniform is to identify students with each other and as members of Kirk Hallam Community Academy. It is associated with the high standards of work, conduct and dress we set for each of the students. We encourage students to take pride in themselves and the academy, respect each other and achieve well and the uniform is an outward sign of this.

With this in mind, we need to be very clear in our expectations of our uniform.

Academy uniform for boys and girls

* Plain white shirt with stiff collar (can be short-sleeved, no soft collar or polo shirts)

* Official Academy blazer with logo

* Official clip-on academy tie with logo

* Plain black trousers (no leggings, jeggings, tight fashion trousers or skinny trousers, no denim or cord material)

* Plain black skirt (must be knee-length, no tube /Lycra skirts)

* Plain black tights must be worn with a skirt (no socks or patterned tights)

* Black shoes (no trainers or pumps)

* A plain, dark-coloured coat (no hoodies or leather jackets)

* School bag

* Natural hair colour

Students must not wear:

* Jewellery (except one stud in each ear)

* Denim clothing of any sort

* False, acrylic or gel nails

* Hoodies either as a jumper or as a coat

* Extreme haircuts – defined as less than a number one; hair with tramlines cut in or contrasting colours

* Excessive make-up

* Caps/hats, in lessons or around the academy site

* Trainers or other similar sports and designer clothing

PE clothing for boys and girls

* White T-shirt with Academy logo

* Plain black micro stripe shorts

* Trainers that offer suitable support (either laced or Velcro)

* Black socks

Optional extras for cold weather

* Sweatshirt with academy badge ¼-zipped

* Boys’ slim leg Tombo training leggings with academy badge/plain black training leggings

* Girls’ sprint pant with academy badge/plain black sprint pants

If your child is unable to do PE for any medical reason, or has the incorrect kit, a note must be provided, explaining the problem.

Jewellery of any kind must be removed before PE lessons start.

The main changes are no hoodies at all, clear guidance on the types of trousers and skirts and a reminder of plain tights with skirts.

Please bear this in mind when you buy uniform ready for the new Academic year. Uniform available from:- Just Schoolwear. We will contact you if there are issues with uniform.

Thank you for your support and we trust that you will continue to support us to enforce these expectations.

October 2018


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