Very limited reopening for children of Key Workers and identified students. Years 10, 12 and other identified students have been invited in for Academic meetings

Staff List

  • Miss J Cocker: Head of RE
  • Mrs N Lightowler: Head of Social Sciences
  • Ms K Briggs: Head of Year 7
  • Mr A Cassidy: School Leader (Humanities, Year 10)
  • Mr A Edmonds: Geography
  • Mr J Fairclough: Head of History
  • Miss P Henry-Williams: Assistant Head of 6th Form
  • Mr B Hughes: History
  • Mr R Milner: School Leader (Expressive Arts, Social Sciences, Sixth Form, Year 7)
  • Miss N Muldoon
  • Ms R Thornhill: Head of Year 10
  • Mr A Wildey

July 2020


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