Monday 23rd March and until further notice: we are only open for children of key workers and vulnerable groups who have notified us using the Education Provision form.


The table below shows all school staff in alphabetical order, the departments in which they teach (where applicable) and any special responsibilities held.

Executive Head Teacher

Mr J TomasevicWhole School

Head of School

Mr M Watts

Deputy Head

Mr C TunnicliffeScience
Whole School
SLT Lead Maths, English, Business & Computing, Year 11

School Leaders

Mr A BrownPESLT Lead - Pastoral, learning Support, Modern Foreign Languages
Mr A CassidyHumanitiesSLT Lead - Humanities, Year 10
Mr D FugillScienceSLT Lead - Design and Technology, Science, Animal care, Year 9
Mr R MilnerHumanitiesSLT Lead Expressive Arts, Social Sciences, 6th Form, Year 7
Currently vacantBusiness & Operations Manager
Miss M WilliamsEnglishSLT Lead - Information, Advice and Guidance, Year 8

Teaching Staff

Mrs S AlbanModern Foreign LanguagesHead of Faculty
Dr R AtkinsScienceAssistant Head of Faculty
Miss R BeerPE
Mrs A BennettDesign & TechnologyAssistant Head of Faculty
Mrs J BennettModern Foreign Languages
Dr T BennisonMathematicsHead of 6th Form
Mr C BetteridgeMathematics
Mrs S BloodExpressive Arts
Mr C BlundellExpressive Arts
Ms K BriggsYear 7
Head of Year 7
Miss F BrightEnglish
Miss S BrowneMathematics
Miss S ButlerBusiness & Computing
Mrs AM CoxWhole School
Head of Attitude to Learning
Miss S CrawfordMathematics
Mr S CrockerPE
Mrs V DalyPEHead of Faculty
Mr T DennisScience
Ms L EamesExpressive ArtsHead of Faculty
Mr A EdmondsHumanities
Miss K EgburyPE
Mr J FaircloughHumanitiesHead of History
Mr J FlemmingEnglish
Mr T GilmourEnglish
Mrs K GoddardDesign & Technology
Ms S GoddardMathematics
Mr C GoodallScience
Miss L GrimmerEnglish
Mr S GrovesPE
Mrs V HadleyScienceHead of Faculty
Miss D HarrisonEnglishHead of Faculty
Miss R HenesyEnglishAssistant Head of Faculty
Miss P Henry-WilliamsSocial Sciences
Assistant Head of 6th Form
Ms A HerodEnglish
Mr J HolmesBusiness & Computing
Mr B HughesHumanities
Mr D JamesMathematicsHead of Faculty
Mrs C KeyteLearning SupportSENCO / Head of Faculty Learning Support
Mrs G KnightExpressive Arts
Mrs N LightowlerHumanities
Social Sciences
Head of Social Sciences
Mrs C LinleyDesign & TechnologyLearning for Life
Mr H MartinScience
Miss S MooreMathematics
Mrs E MoranExpressive Arts
Miss N MuldoonSocial Sciences
Miss B MumtazScience
Miss R NoyesScience
Mrs A PerryScience
Mr P PinfieldPE
Mrs D PrestonModern Foreign Languages
Mrs S RamsayMathematics
Mr L SlingsbyMathematics
Mr A SpenceBusiness & ComputingHead of Faculty Modern Technology and Enterprise
Miss K StaceyExpressive Arts
Mrs A StevensEnglish
Mr S TaylorDesign & Technology
Mr M ThomasYear 10
Head of Year 11
Miss K ThompsonDesign & Technology
Ms R ThornhillYear 9
Head of Year 10
Miss AM WalkingtonScience
Miss M WeatherallExpressive Arts
Year 8
Head of Year 9
Mrs M WhiteheadModern Foreign Languages
Year 11
Head of Year 8
Mr A WildeyHumanities
Miss E WorboysEnglish

Teaching Assistants

Mrs H ChapmanLearning Support
Mrs B HaggertyLearning Support
Mrs J HoworthLearning SupportHigh Level Teaching Assistant
Miss M HutchingsLearning Support
Mrs E LynchLearning Support
Mrs T MalesLearning Support
Mrs T ParkerLearning Support
Mrs J StanleyLearning Support
Miss R WoolleyLearning Support
Mrs E WrightLearning SupportHigh Level Teaching Assistant / Assistant SENCO

Classroom Learning Assistants

Mrs G GordonWhole SchoolCover Supervisor

Administrative Support

Mrs S BrindleyReceptionist
Mrs J ColeFinance
Miss E MarshallFinance Manager
Mrs M RaistrickFinance Clerk
Mrs L RiceReceptionist
Miss L Snaith
Mrs L SwiftWhole SchoolPastoral Secretary, Attendance
Mr S TownsendReprographics
Mrs H Waterall6th Form Student Support

Ancillary and Technical Staff

Mr M BerrisfordDesign & TechnologyTechnician
Miss S BredgaardWhole SchoolLibrarian
Mrs J HibbertWhole SchoolPastoral Manager
Mr C Harrison HillWhole SchoolPastoral Manager
Miss J HodsonFaculty Support
Mr A JamesWhole SchoolIT
Mrs H QuinnWhole SchoolPastoral Manager
Mrs A RobertsScienceSenior Technician
Mrs M SimpkinsDesign & TechnologyTechnician
Miss S SpeedScienceTechnician


Mrs K DoohanWhole SchoolExams & Data
Mr M SmithWhole SchoolExams & Data

Site Services

Mr A BoultonCommunity Facilities Manager
Mr C BurrowsCommunity Facilities Assistant
Miss L CoxCommunity Facilities Assistant
Mr H HumphriesCommunity Facilities Assistant
Mr K LanyonWhole SchoolPremises Manager
Mr M LaurentiCommunity Facilities Assistant
Mr W RaynerCaretaker
Miss C RobinsonCommunity Facilities Manager
Mr I SimpkinsSenior Cleaner
Mrs J WilsonSenior Midday Supervisor

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