Welcome to PE

Welcome to KHCA Physical Education

Our vision is to inspire all students to acquire a love for sport, a passion to be physically active and to develop a life long healthy and active lifestyle. We aim to provide a first class teaching environment where staff and students work hard together to secure knowledge required to achieve success.

The Physical Education team are extremely committed to develop knowledge of performance, tactics and strategies as well as fostering creativity and evaluation skills in practical lessons. We want our curriculum to be a tool by which students can excel practically but also gain valuable life skills through team work, leadership and officiating. It is paramount that we foster an environment where students feel safe to ‘have a go’ and which also encourages enthusiasm to excel at the highest level and grasp the opportunity to represent the academy. Physical Education lessons will provide the opportunity for students to engage in high levels of physical activity and become highly educated about how to lead an active and healthy lifestyle.

In GCSE , Cambridge National Sports Studies and A Level Physical Education we aspire for students to gain the knowledge and understanding to achieve personal outstanding success to maximise their choices in further education and life. Scholars will engage in exciting theoretical concepts in sport aswell as widening their knowledge and minds beyond the exam specification experiencing an enriched curriculum which includes how sport impacts on society and the bigger picture of life.

Sport and physical activity provides the perfect vehicle to enhance and develop students self-esteem and key personal skills such as resilience, team work, tolerance, cooperation and tenacity. Our key aim is to provide a journey where everyone can develop personally, socially and morally coupled with a wealth of knowledge about how to improve performance and ultimately lead an active, healthy lifestyle. The curriculum design has been tailored to build confidence and courage in our scholars so they are equipped to embrace the wider world with respect, self dignity and choice.

Key aims of our Physical Education Curriculum at Kirk Hallam Academy

  • Develop a love for sport and lifelong participation in physical activity
  • Ensure students achieve their potential in performance in a wide range of activities
  • Develop values and transferrable life skills
  • Create choice in further education and life
  • Know the importance of an active and healthy lifestyle

How the key aims will be implemented

  • A broad curriculum of activities
  • High quality enjoyable lessons that meet the needs of all scholars
  • Lessons that allow scholars to reach their potential and succeed
  • Deliberate and effective checking for understanding and assessment
  • Extensive extra- curricular opportunities, inter school competitions and fixtures
  • Leadership and officiating opportunities
  • Health curriculum integrated into core PE

As a team we will strive to ensure that our curriculum has a positive impact on young peoples lives and their future. We want our young people too...

  • Lead active, healthy lifestyles
  • Know and remember more about different sports, health and theoretical issues in sport
  • Achieve well and gain choice
  • Develop morals and transferrable skills
  • Possess physical competency in a variety of different activities
  • Increase well - being and mental health
  • Have fond memories of their experience in Physical Education lessons, competitive sport and inter school competitions

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