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Uniform is an integral part of school life. It represents excellence, high standards and a pride in ourselves and our school community. With this in mind we need to be very clear in our expectations of our uniform and we ask for the cooperation of students and parents in maintaining these.

Please ensure that you read this carefully and understand what is and isn’t allowed.

Students MUST wear Students must NOT wear
Plain white shirt with stiff collar, buttoned to the neck and tucked in (can be short or long sleeved).

Polo shirts.
Patterned, coloured or T-shirts with logos, worn underneath the school shirt.
Shirt with collar worn without the tie.
Plain black trousers made from tailored material.

Skinny or tight trousers.
Jean or denim material.
Cropped trousers.
Embellishments or adornments.
Leggings or jeggings.
Option 1: Kirk Hallam Community Academy School Skirt
Option 2: Knee length stitched down pleated skirt

The skirt must be:
  • Tailored material
  • Black
  • Pleated
  • Knee length

Any other skirt.
Blazer and Tie
Kirk Hallam Community Academy branded blazer and tie worn at all times.

No blazer or tie.
V neck jumper (optional)
A black woollen jumper with a v-neck, worn under the blazer with tie visible.
A hooded top or sports sweatshirt worn under the blazer.
A black woollen jumper with a v-neck worn instead of the blazer.
Tight and Socks
Plain black tights and socks.

Coloured tights or socks.
Coats and Outerwear
A plain sensible coat that can be worn over the blazer.

Hooded tops, sweatshirts, zippered sports jackets or jumpers worn over blazers.
Plain black formal leather shoes with a stepped heel:
Click here for Shoe Styles

Trainers or trainer styled footwear.
Shoes with indiscreet logos.
School bag
A bag suitable in size to carry books and equipment.

Bags too small to carry necessary books and equipment.
One pair of small studs.
Sensible hair styles.
Any facial or body piercings.
False or acrylic nails.
Unnatural nail colours.
Unnatural hair colours.
Unconventional hair styles.
Excessive make up.
False eyelashes.
Any jewellry items other than a watch and one pair of small studs.

PE uniform

  • Plain black jogging bottoms or leggings
  • Plain black shorts
  • A Kirk Hallam logo T shirt or a plain white round neck T shirt
  • A Kirk Hallam logo jumper or training top or a plain black round neck jumper
  • Suitable trainers for activity and sport
  • It is advisable that students wear shin pads for football but not mandatory

PE optional extras for cold weather

  • Training top or sweatshirt with academy badge (students can wear plain black jumpers/sweaters but they must not have hoods or logos).
  • Boys’ slim leg Tombo training leggings with academy badge/plain black training leggings
  • Girls’ sprint pant with academy badge/plain black sprint pants

If your child is unable to do PE for any medical reason, or has the incorrect kit, a note must be provided, explaining the problem.

Jewellery of any kind must be removed before PE lessons start.

Suppliers and stockists

Uniform can be purchased online from: Just Schoolwear and Hamilton's SchoolWear.


As we continue to drive standards in the academy, we are focused on our ‘Ready to Learn’ elements of our Culture Code. An important part to this is ensuring that students are equipped with the right equipment. As a minimum, this should be:

  • their Character Card
  • Home learning Planner
  • black pen
  • green pen
  • rubber
  • ruler
  • pencil
  • suitably sized school bag

Should a student not have an item of equipment, we will provide it to them but should they then lose equipment, it will be noted as a negative point in their Character Card.

Personal possessions

To prevent loss, please avoid bringing valuables, including jewellery of monetary or sentimental value, as the school cannot be held responsible for loss or damage of these items which are against the school uniform policy.

Make sure you keep purses, keys, etc. with you at all times.

Name/label all personal items.

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