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Year 8 Year Group Intent


Year 8 students will build on the foundations of Year 7. Our aim is for our Year 8 cohort to take greater responsibility as they broaden and deepen their academic studies; being tenacious and ready to learn both in and out of school, whilst growing in resilience to face the challenges of the curriculum. This extends beyond the academic programme and students are encouraged to seize opportunities to develop and discover their interests and talents. Year 8 students will be supported to grow in character and help them take full responsibility for their learning and behaviour.


Underpinning the Year 8 academic year is a culture of kindness. Being polite, friendly and helpful are the attributes we expect our Year 8 students to demonstrate in all their communications: inside classes, around the academy and in the wider community. At the core of this are the trusting relationships our students will form to create an environment where all students flourish and succeed based on the respect they will have promoted to them and which they, in turn, will demonstrate. Students will appreciate our shared beliefs, attitudes and values and celebrate the richness which diversity offers.


Throughout Year 8 students will be encouraged to develop an understanding of themselves, their place in their school and the world, taking responsibility for themselves. Students will have opportunities to know how to keep themselves and others safe; to be active and compassionate citizens who contribute positively to society and understand British values. They will know how to keep themselves physically and mentally healthy – including a sense of self-worth, confidence, and independence.

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