At Kirk Hallam, we have high expectations of all our students and we are a truly ambitious learning community. To be the best we can be, we take responsibility for the behaviours outlined in our ‘Culture Code’. This initiative brings together our whole school vision, our common mission, the development of character, and provides absolute clarity of expectations.

We truly believe that an empowering and positive culture across our school is the key to its continued improvement. This all begins with taking responsibility, communicating positively, working hard and being kind.

We continue to raise our standards and the expectations of all students to ensure that they are equipped with the necessary character skills to be positive members of society, enabling them to enter the work force as employable and successful individuals.

These character traits are:


We expect our students to speak to staff and each other with respect.


We expect our students to be kind to themselves and each other.


We expect our students to speak in a calm, polite manner, both in and out of the classroom and around the academy.


We all make mistakes, but we expect our students to take responsibility for their actions and accept the consequences/sanction for this.


Having a can-do attitude to challenges.

Character cards are used to reward positive (and negative) behaviours when they are seen. Adults at Kirk Hallam show respect to our students through their high expectations, fairness and consistency.

Please click here to read through our Culture Code