Safety To and From School

Walking to school is great exercise and is a nice way for students to spend time together with their friends, but staying safe whilst walking to and from school is essential.

Following these tips will help you get to and from school without any problems.

Walk directly to school

It is very important that you walk directly to school, without any stops or diversions.

Stranger danger

Make sure you do not stop to talk to anyone on the way to school, and ignore any drivers who might slow down to try and speak to you. Never accept an offer of a ride or get into a vehicle with someone you don't know. If a stranger approaches you in the street, do not speak to them and move away quickly.

Be aware of traffic safety

Take care to walk on the pavement wherever possible and make sure to stop at red lights and always look both ways before crossing the road. Stop, look and listen.

Walk with others

If possible, always walk to school with at least one friend who lives nearby. Safety in numbers.

Be visible

Wear a coat or jacket with reflective strips if possible to ensure that you are clearly visible to vehicles. This is particularly important if you are walking to school very early in the morning or late in the afternoon in winter months, when light levels are lower.

Keep away from the kerbs

If possible walk away from the kerbs and try not allow other pedestrians to force you into the road.

Stay alert

It's important to always stay alert. Keep your eyes on the people around you, don't scroll through your phone or listen to music whilst walking.


All students are reminded that they should keep away from the water’s edge, and in very cold temperatures if the lake should freeze over - UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES should any anyone attempt to stand on the ice given the risk involved.

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