Year 7

Our personal development offer to Year 7:

Year 7


  • Families
  • Relationships
  • Keeping safe & happy
  • Intimate relationships
  • Online & media


  • Subject areas deliver a range of opportunities for our students to develop awareness of these ideas
  • In Religious Education we explore the role of religious buildings. Jesus and the origins of Christianity and life as a Muslim in Britain today

In assemblies we will be looking at a range of ideas such as

  • Chinese New Year
  • LGBTQ+ History month
  • Holocaust Memorial Day
  • Christmas traditions
  • International women’s days
  • Young carers action day
  • World poetry day
  • Earth hour
  • Autism awareness
  • Lifelong learning & Resilience
  • Skin cancer awareness
  • International friendship week

British Values

The four fundamental British values (listed below) are woven into our Personal Development and key to preparing our students for Modern Britain

  • Respecting the rule of law
  • Democracy
  • Individual liberty
  • Tolerance and respect of different religions and beliefs


We look at the following ideas

  • What does a Citizen do in the UK?
  • What liberties do citizens of the UK have?
  • What is our political system?
  • Is our royal family a positive influence?
  • What do the police do?
  • Why do people volunteer

Development of Character

  • PRIDE is woven into our Personal Development Curriculum
  • All aspects of what we learn are linked to PRIDE
  • Year groups track and record their character development linked to PRIDE

Economic understanding

We study the following elements:

  • Career choices and earnings
  • Different types of pay
  • Methods pf payment (cash, debit cards, credit cards)
  • Overdrafts and loans
  • Why are taxes important?
  • Who are entrepreneurs?

Wider opportunities

  • Theatre & drama club
  • Sports clubs
  • Sewing
  • Chess club
  • Law
  • Debate club
  • Cultural studies
  • Art

Student leadership

We have a range of opportunities for students to develop leadership opportunities in school

  • Subject diplomats
  • Form reps
  • Sports captains
  • Transition leaders
  • Tutor set reps
  • Year group forum

Well-being and mental health

This is delivered on a Wednesday as part of well-being Wednesday. We focus on the following:

  • Connect
  • Keep learning
  • Mindfulness
  • Keep active and take notice

Year 7 plan for the rest of the year:

June 2022


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