School vision:

Our vision is to create a strong culture of mutual respect and positive attitude within the school, on which a uniquely exciting curriculum can be developed and taught. These ideas are summarised in our trust motto of ‘Work Hard, Be Kind’.

Curriculum Intent:

The intent of our curriculum is to turn the lenses of our learners out onto the local and global environment. We want our learners to appreciate the world as the varied and exciting place it is, accepting all people as part of the global community.

Our subjects build this by ensuring lessons are engaging, are based on strong core knowledge with enriched knowledge that focuses on the environment and the diversity of our society.

This learning is deepened through the use of key subject vocabulary and oracy to share opinions and perspectives.

The Academic Year (Assessment Overview)

Achievement Cycle 1

Achievement Cycle 2

Achievement Cycle 3

Achievement Cycle 4

Shape of the Day

The school day is split into distinct sessions with set sessions for Reading (Tuesday–Thursday 8.30–9.00am), Core lessons and the extended Culture slot (Monday–Thursday 2.50–3.50pm).

Kirk Hallam also begins the week with a Folder Support and revision session and ends the week with a Paycheck session where Scholars can review their week and set targets moving forward.

Lesson Allocation

Kirk Hallam operates a three-year Key Stage 3, with Scholars opting for a wide variety of subjects to study further at Key Stage 4. The school operates a weekly timetable and the allocation for each subject is outlined below. Some of these sessions take place in Core learning time and others as part of the Culture session.

Key Stage 3 (ICT operates with Technology)

Subject English Maths Science Humanities Languages Art PE Technology Drama/ICT/Music
Periods 4 4 3 4 2 2 2 2 2

Year 10 (Core)

Subject English Maths Science PE
Periods 4 4 4 1

Year 10 (Options)

Three hours per week of the following subjects in four option blocks. Geography, History, Animal Care, Child Development, German, ICT, Spanish, Sport, Art and Design, Business, Computing, Design and Technology, Drama, PE, Psychology, Religious Studies

Year 11 (Core)

Subject English Maths Science PE
Periods 5 5 5 1

Year 11 (Options)

Three hours per week of the following subjects in three option blocks. French, Computer Science, Business Studies, History, Geography, iMedia, Philosophy, Music, Animal Care, Technology, Sport (GCSE and OCR National), Food Technology, Psychology, Sociology, Art, Health and Social Care and Child Development.

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